Two Lost Souls


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Sophie was sure she would never carry a baby to term. After suffering 2 heartbreaking miscarriages, she began to have nightmares, hearing the voices of her two lost babies. “We’re OK Mom.”

This nearly drove her to distraction. She became obsessive trying to find the answer as to where the souls of those two babies ended up. So much so, she decided to go back to school and study for a master’s degree in religion. During this time she successfully had a son and then a daughter. The voices stopped and she delved into teaching with a passion. Her husband, Alex, was sure she was still obsessed because she was having her students try to answer the question. Where do souls go of unborn children?

Time passed and her children grew up. And Alex thought she was over all of this. While the kids were away at college they settled into an empty nest and fell in love all over again after a rather bumpy ride. Her two children Mark and Diane both made two very dear friends though, who lost their lives way too early. Mark’s friend Michael drown while surfing in Hawaii, and Diane’s friend Devon was struck down with brain cancer.

Sophie found herself trying to console her two adult children. What she didn’t notice was her own health failing. She also didn’t notice that her nightmares had returned. One night, Alex had to rush her to the hospital for emergency surgery on her gallbladder. Unexpectedly during the surgery, Sophie flatlined. The doctors worked feverishly to bring her back. Sophie, however, seemed at peace, finally… Or maybe not…


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