A Man of Breeding


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Tommy Sanchez, the son of Sitting Bull, the victor at the Battle of the Little BigHorn and his captive wife, found out early in life what prejudice was for a half-breed. Initially, he was able to overcome the stigma, but one fateful day his entire world turned upside down and he was pursued from town to town by a vengeful sheriff who forced him to continually move once he was established in a community.

Sarah Hansen was captured by Indians when she was a teenager and forced into a marriage with Crazy Horse, the war chief of the Sioux. Upon his death, she had to fend for herself and two children in a white world that treated her with contempt, viewing her as a white squaw and the widow of a savage.

Unaware of each other, Sanchez and Hansen began a quest for self respect, overcoming many obstacles and finally meeting in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in California.


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