For His Glory


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Rita H. Joyce was born in Seattle, Washington, graduating from Franklin High School. She attended some classes at the University of Washington, but her college career was curtailed when a home emergency forced her to go to work to help support her family. She has a birth daughter, an adopted daughter, five stepchildren, and is twice widowed. Following her dreams led her and her second husband to move to Florida in 2000, where she has lived ever since.

Joyce is the author of three self-published books- Her first (Gozzy Goose’s Christmas Gift) (e-book only) was chosen in 2002 for the Under Nine Literacy Promotion at Universal Cineplex, City Walk, Universal Studios and promoted as one of the Stories From the Silver Screen! A limited revised edition was also self published in 2015 but is out of print. Two sequels were written but not published. There was also a Read-Along CD with an original song that is being considered for release as a DVD.


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