Sword of Allah: Middle East Espionage and Love Story


After giving his keynote speech at an Information Technology conference in New York City, Vincent meets CEO Charley, who will forever change his life. He becomes the key player in a deal gone bad in the Middle East, setting into motion a dangerous chain of events with profound worldwide consequences.
As the plot code-named “Sword of Allah” emerges, Vincent is entangled in affairs with two mysterious women. There is Eva, a wild seductress in Monaco, who lures him into a world of extravagant wealth that hides her dark secrets. There is Anne, a reductant French double agent, who might become his soulmate, if she can survive her dangerous mission. Both women offer a passion and vitality missing in his current sedate suburban life.

As we follow Vincent’s Journey, themes of identity, betrayal and redemption emerge, within the drama of espionage and seduction with global stakes. Actual characters interweave with real world events and U.S. Presidents

The story’s period brings us right up to the present, and a future that is actually happening today. Vincent learns the lessons of life and love as the international plot between Iran, Syria, and Israel and the U.S. comes together to confront him. He discovers that the real battleground is that freedom that we all have: choosing between good and evil.

“The author has done an extraordinary job of describing events, corruption, and seedy characters. Readers will feel as if they were right there. (Sword of Allah) is scary, informational and very entertaining.”
-Carol Hoyer, PhD., for Readers Views

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