Okay, So I lied!



“Oh, what a tangled web we weave.”

Jill Kelly is an intelligent high school student who knows exactly what she wants in life. Unfortunately, her vision does not fall in line with what her father wants. He wants her to go to medical school; she wants to become a professional singer. It seems she has no choice but to attend Indiana University and major in biology-or so everyone thinks. After Jill begins classes in her freshman year, she secretly visits the career counseling center to change her major and audition for the Jacobs School of Music. After she learns she has been accepted, Jill decides to shun her good-girl image, not tell her parents, and resort to an existence fueled by lies and deception. But as her rebellious behavior leads her to find love and the personal happiness she has always wanted, Jill has no idea she is about to pay a hefty price for her choices. Okay, So I Lied shares the story of a young woman’s journey of deception as she attempts to achieve her dream of becoming a rock star.


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