The Downtrodden Breed


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Hiram Bookers became disenchanted with his life on the east coast and sold his merchant fleet involved in the Slave Trade and bought a large parcel south of Santa Barbara. After he built his home, he advertised for a mail order bride. While on a hunting trip, Hiram was shot and left for dead. He was found and taken to the hospital by Tommy Sanchez, the son of Sitting Bull and his wife Sarah who’d been married to Crazy Horse, the Indian hero of the Battle of the Little BigHorn. When Hiram recovered, he was suffering from amnesia. Tommy Sanchez and his wife took him in and employed him at their ranch. The county sheriff, seeking reelection, sensed that Silas Smith, as Bookers was now called, may have been involved in a robbery of a special train, carrying thirty thousand in money for a new bank in Santa Barbara. The sheriff harassed Silas until he uncovered evidence pointing at him as one of the train bandits. It was Tommy Sanchez who found the clues pointing to someone else. He came up with a plan to free Smith, uncover his past and identify the actual train robber.


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