The Harriet Tubman Way: An Inspirational Guide to Self-Love, Empowerment, and Legendary Leadership for Girls


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How in the world did a little slave girl born around 1822, who never learned to read and write, earn the respect of 118,328 people in 2019, to select her over Eleanor Roosevelt to be on the twenty-dollar bill? That’s right, Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the US twenty-dollar bill in 2030. Harriet Tubman is known for her courageous actions working on the Underground Railroad to rescue over seventy people from slavery. How did this story of this little girl grow up to be legendary? Did Harriet Tubman have superpowers? Well, she did have some powerful characteristics but, they are, not beyond the abilities of any young woman today.

Can you imagine if you could talk to Harriet Tubman? Young Ladies, The Harriet Tubman Way, An Inspirational Guide to Self-love, Empowerment, and Legendary Leadership for Girls, is like you have Harriet Tubman as a mentor in leadership. Harriet’s stories share how she had to first love herself and save herself before she could save anyone else. Her love for herself was the source of empowerment. She believed that she deserved better. The power of her dreams, faith, belief, and visions of freedom, lead her to her purpose. She Never Gave Up on herself. The compassion she had for her people is focused in this book through examples of her Love in Action. She didn’t just say she loved them, she spent her life showing love through her passion for serving others. That is Legendary Servant Leadership. This is how she earned respect while she was living and as a legendary leader for all times.
Young Lady, as you read these stories, imagine you are sitting with Harriet Tubman sharing her life with you. Learn for Harriet Tubman to first love yourself. Then spread this love to others and in your own way become legendary.

Have fun discovering your superpowers as you read and do the learning exercises in this book with your friends and mentors. The Harriet Tubman Way was written to inspire you to realize that you Have Within You everything you need to reach your goals. By the end of reading this book, you will understand that you have what it takes to be a girl with superpowers, like Harriet Tubman.


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