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I made this book to show you that sometimes, bad things happen and it can feel like they only happen to you or make you feel alone. I want to encourage you to find places where you feel safe and to know that feelings are an important part of growing up. Sometimes really terrible things happen and sometimes it feels terrible and it really isn’t that bad. What is important is to know that you matter, and what you see, and experience matters. You have a right to tell your story. If you are not comfortable telling your story to someone who is safe and can help you then you can paint or draw to feel better.

I am so happy to share the story of Skyflower Izfree with you. I hope you like her, and enjoy her story of how she got her horse. I grew up in a time and place where I was the only child with one parent who was from America and one who was from Egypt, in Africa. I was bullied because of that, so I want kids that have parents who might seem different, for any reason of kids who feel different or kids who are bullied, for having something that makes them different, to know that “different is good ”.

I also want kids to know that they have a right to talk about things that make them feel scared and that it is okay to talk about fighting, and make more peace in the world.


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