Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness


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Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness: Rediscovering the Use of the Tongue speaks the plain truth about the great power that the tongue the words spoken in the midst of relationships has to bring pain by opening up wounds. On the other hand, when Christians rediscover the guidance of the Holy Spirit and then redirect the intentions of their words, they can use the tongue for upbuilding one another, seeking peace, and offering forgiveness.

The author, Samuel Kioko Kiema, draws upon his own experiences of coming to faith in Jesus Christ and of following the Spirit’s calling to minister as a missionary, teacher, and scholar to guide his exploration of the misuses and uses of the tongue in families, communities, ministries, and businesses.

Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness, drawing upon a wealth of passages from the Scriptures and offering seasoned and wise teachings rooted in those passages, presents an approachable and understandable examination of the insidious power of the tongue to bring about pain. It pairs that portrait with words of encouragement, explaining how the Spirit can guide the use of the tongue for good.
Whether you have experience with speaking words that have injured others or with hearing words that have caused you pain, Rejecting Offense, Strife, and Unforgiveness: Rediscovering the Use of the Tongue can offer you the consolation of discovering a path to encouragement, harmony, and reconciliation.


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