The Wounded Breed


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TRUE TO HIS WORD, Joseph Horn Cloud presented White Bird to the Pine Ridge Indian Council for a Trial on Behalf of the four soldiers. Their verdict, which Joseph and his brother feared, was a lifetime ban from the Sioux Nation and all its followers. It was to commence in ten days, White Lance and his brother had expected a similar fate for their younger brother, but not one of that length.

Their parting was one of sadness. They loved their white brother and would miss him forever. but they knew in their heart that this was just a verdict and not as great as the court in Santa Barbara had pronounced.

White Bird vowed to his brother that he would devote the remainder of his life to being a good man and one they could be proud of. He spent the next week in meditation at his parent’s grave and at the monument at Wounded Knee. He then left the area and headed south toward Sidney. He found Rosita Riley in a dirty saloon on the outskirts of the town and asked her to forgive him. He learned that he had a son who was four years old.


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