Tilly’s War: The War Within


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The main character in this book, a true, real-life person, was an unassuming man brought up in a large, working-class family. His life would begin in 1918 and he and his family would survive the depression on near poverty wages. He would go on to serve as a decorated airman in World War II and come home to restart his life suffering from PTSD. With that, life would deal him many adversities and challenges, many of them self-inflicted, but each time he would overcome. He would struggle with the effects of combat on civilian life and would use alcohol to substitute for counseling much to his dismay. Tilly, as he was called by his wartime air crew, returned home and went back to work to put the war behind him and get on with life. He would have a family of his own, raising three children on near poverty wages and suffered from alcoholism and depression most his life while his family suffered the effects of life’s challenges. Much later in life, he began talking about his wartime experiences and this would help him to readjust to life as he knew it. However, returning to alcohol would bring him and his family hardships that would be difficult to reconcile. Every person who served in a combat role feels the effects of war and deals with those effects in varying degrees of tolerance. Many returning veterans restore their lives and go on to become productive members of society, but never forgetting their combat experiences. Many go on to college and become successful professionals in their fields of endeavor and lose the effects of war it would seem.


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