The Warrior Angel


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Gracie and her eight-year-old son Lucas are out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping when a nasty car wreck interrupts their night. Lucas nearly dies when Gracie’s mother, Teresa, arrives at the hospital with a too-good-to-be-true suggestion. Say this prayer, and I promise your son will live. Her mother has always been very religious and quite superstitious about things. Gracie says the blessing is mainly to get her mom to drop it and be there for her and her son. The prayer works. It’s ten years later, and Gracie is haunted by something. She learns that the “prayer” she said wasn’t one at all. She had unknowingly made a bargain with a demon. In return for saving her son, Gracie now owes him a soul. Either she offers one, or he will take Lucas. The closer the deal’s anniversary, the scarier things get for Gracie and Lucas. Affiliations with this demon go back even further than she knew. Family secrets are coming out. She doesn’t know if she wants to know. This demon will stop at nothing to get what he is owed. How far will a mother go to save her son?


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