The Shade of Generosity: A Berry’s Tale


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This is a story of differences between berries. It’s essential to learn and know that although they’re different berries they have a direct reference to humankind. The story is about acceptance, understanding, and connection. The berries learn a lot from one another through the intrigue of differences and not of distrust or dislike.

It is a wondrous concept of a mind state and intellect of reason. Meaning life is a mysterious and glorious adventure of discovery, that captivates the mind if you don’t block your mind off to something or someone different from us. It is a great opportunity to continue one’s growth in life and see life in an exciting opportune way!

Let us understand we are all Actors in the same play, we didn’t write the script, but we significantly affect the script. All of us are born with a purpose and differences only make a person’s mind stronger and can enlighten everyone around them. If they would just have an open mind and think.


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