The G-Connection: Harness Gravity and Reverse Aging


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After 30 years of pioneering research with NASA, Joan Vernikos has written the first book to focus on the fundamental importance of gravity in maintaining youthful vigor. In it, she applies lessons learned from the experiences of U.S. astronauts and Soviet/Russian cosmonauts in space to ordinary people here on Earth. Highly practical, the “What You Can Do about It” section in each chapter is a comprehensive guide that will help young people, baby boomers, the elderly, and professionals make smart lifestyle choices. The G-Connection is written in down-to-earth and understandable language. Peppered with firsthand anecdotes from astronauts and interesting stories of Vernikos’s own voyage of discovery, this book is both a fun and credible resource. The excitement for her work and ideas comes across clearly and is contagious. The reader finishes the book knowing what to do differently in his or her daily life to slow down or even reverse the aging process.” It is a treasure trove of ideas to a geriatrician”-Harold J. Guy, M.D., Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of California San Diego Medical School, San Diego, California ” The premise is plausible and the contents thoroughly referenced and well documented. It is written in a flowing style with humor and self-assurance and with language that never patronizes the reader.”

-Ralph Pelligra, M.D., NASA Ames Chief Medical Officer Moffett Field, California.


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