Living in Fear Away From My Rapist


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This is a book about a woman that met this man at work. He preyed on her like an animal to get what he wanted from her. He earned her trust on top of everything. She had a hard time getting away from him. Now she is away from him; it puts her into a deep clinical depression from all the trauma he puts her through, along with mental abuse. Now years later, she is having a hard time getting on with her life when she always feels that he might be around the corner, waiting. She has to watch her back aline to keep herself safe in the city she lives in. He still walks the streets, finding ways to get even with her, even if it means killing her. He has come close a time or two. There are those possibilities he is up to something to get even. Like in this case, he has tried killing her in her car but failed, but he will come up with some new ways of getting back for what he thinks is her fault or reasoning for him getting into trouble, but you got to remember, he is a sociopath. In a sociopath’s mind, it’s everybody else’s fault that they are in trouble. She has to keep an eye open all the times because he may be closer than she thinks to harming her-or even kill her to get her out of the way.


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