George Washington’s Providence


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Against all odds, George Washington fostered the world’s first modern democracy and became renowned as the father of our country. At a time when the median age was sixteen, he remarkably lived to the age of sixty-seven. Washington’s life was riddled with multiple life-threatening diseases and countless charges into enemy fire. With a shocking resiliency and remarkable hardiness, Washington fought fatal infections and opposing armies with a steadfast belief that a protecting and guiding Providence would lead him to fulfill his destiny of greatness. Emboldened by Providence and a conviction that he was to accomplish great endeavors, Washington set forth to lead America out of a world of monarchy and colonialism and into the new reality of constitutional freedom. George Washington’s Providence is an entertaining and enlightening new book that follows the amazing survivability of one of our country’s most historical figures. Filled with factual and proven information, this illuminating book shows us all why Washington truly thought he was protected by Providence. Documenting his close brushes with death not only on the battlefield but with the major diseases of his time, this wonderful book provides readers with the backstory and reasoning as to how and why he believed Providence was the answer. An in-depth and educational journey into the life of the first president of the United States, George Washington’s Providence serves as a valuable historical revelation for readers everywhere. Inspired by the numerous historical references to Washington’s belief in Providence, this brilliant book delves into history and uncovers the enlightening fact that Washington, and his followers, were actually very vocal about their beliefs. As the first published confirmation of Washington’s belief in Providence, this amazing resource serves as an intriguing look into the complex character of one of our nation’s greatest leaders. Perfect for readers of all backgrounds, this excellent book will captivate everyone from fans of history to the devoutly religious. Through its factual research and believable portrayals, this delightful exposé will have readers everywhere questioning what they knew about Washington and exactly how lucky one man can get. Filled with interesting stories and shocking disclosures, this truly unique look into one of the most important historical figures, George Washington’s Providence shows readers everywhere the power of belief and perhaps a glimpse into something more.


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