Future Poets: A Guide For Aspiring Writers


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This book is for all my fellow teachers out there who enjoy poetry and believe their students will become better writers if they keep practicing. Here are hundreds of ideas to stimulate your student’s imaginations; students who are often willing to write, but don’t have a clue what to write about. These ideas will give them a place to start.

Poetry works well for engaging student writers because it is challenging and yet flexible. There are so many types and styles of poems they can experience. There’s also a lot of leeway in terms of punctuation, idioms and slang, and how the words appear on the page.

Poetry lends itself to success. Anyone can do it and it’s personal; it comes from the students’ experiences and emotions. It’s subjective; the sort of writing to be appreciated rather than judged. The emphasis in this book is “students as poets.” It’s not about studying the famous poets who have gone before. It’s about finding a love for expressing yourself that can last a lifetime.


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